【visit】 Chinese Cloisonne Art Museum

【Event theme】 Non cultural heritage — Cloisonné enamel

【Activities rules】 Anyone can register to participate, but if you are learning English or Chinese, you must use Chinese and English to do self-introduction; other students, you can use their own mother tongue. Other random, but the proposal to say more exchanges.

【Activity time】 November 19th (Sunday)

【Activity location】 Chinese Cloisonne Art Museum

【How do we go?】 Transit trip (bus/subway/bike/bicycle)

【Collection location】 You can take a subway line 14 get off at Jingtai station and come out of the D exit

【Activities cost】 0 yuan

【Number of active persons】 At least 7 people, at most 20 people.

【Activty Description】This activity has a professional explanation for everyone to explain.


  • 1:40  We will gather at Jingtai station of subway line 14
  • 1:50  Introducing ourselives to everybody
  • 2:00  We will come to the Chinese Cloisonne Art Museum
  • 4:00  We will finish our visiting and we’re going to shoot a group photo.
  • 4:10  We will back home.

【How to go】

You can take a subway of line 14, get off at the JINGTAI station, come out of the D exit, you can see us. If you’re a foreign friend or a foreign student and don’t know how to go there, please ask us on the wechat.

【How to register】    Sign up now

  1. Please scan plus WeChat friends, silk rain (Siyu) students(Wechat ID: ivan-pf);
  2. Send: Chinese name + English name + mobile phone number + identity card number or passport number;
  3. After the application is successful, Siyu will invite you to join the ” 雨石阁&景泰蓝” Wechat group.

【Matters need attention】

  1. We are visitors, please observe the museum’s provisions.
  2. The “Yu Shi Ge” requirement: do not touch, do not buy, do not take pictures, do not shouting, just enjoy it.
  3. If the number of people is too small or the weather is so bad that cancel the event, we will inform you.

【View spot Description】

Cloisonne is a kind of Chinese traditional handicrafts, with a history over 600 years.

Today, Cloisonné including “cloisonne and filaments cloisonne”. Cloisonné including gold products cloisonne and blue to cloisonne. Filaments cloisonne including “gold filaments”, “silver filaments”, “blue filaments”.

All the process of making cloisonné are by hand, are following steps: design, padding making, thread weaving, drawing, burning, polishing and gilding ect.

A kind of special craft that combines the copper with ceramics, bronzes, paintings and carving works, It is the unique one amone the Chinese handicrafts.

Cloisonne can be used for appreciation collection, business gifts, daily necessities, indoor and outdoor construction projects decoration.



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