The hutongs are at end of the Beijing to Hangzhou Canal – The Hutong of Beijing

There are many famous Hutongs/lanes in Beijing. Hutong is a characteristic culture of Beijing, if you want to know this old city, going to the Hutong for traveling is the best way.

Activity characteristics: We visit free in the hutongs on feet, and experience the characteristic culture of Beijing, look for loves and friendships, look for ourselves of another new world.

Activity time: March 18th ( Sunday ) 2 – 6 pm
Activity place: The D exit of subway station of Jishuitan
Activity fee: Free

Hiking route: 

dé shèng mén xī dà jiē 、xī hǎi xī yán 、xī hǎi nán yán 、xīn qín hú tóng 、hòu hǎi xī yán 、hòu hǎi běi yán 、xiào yǒu hú tóng 、gān lù hú tóng 、xiǎo shí bēi hú tóng 、yān dài xié jiē 、bǎo chāo hú tóng 、hòu lóu gǔ yuàn hú tóng 、nán xià wā zǐ hú tóng 、dòu jiǎo hú tóng 、mào ér hú tóng 、běi bīng mǎ sī hú tóng 、fǔ xué hú tóng 、bái mǐ cāng hú tóng 、bǎn chǎng hú tóng 、nán běi luó gǔ xiàng hú tóng 、mǎ liáng hú tóng 、zhān zǐ hú tóng 、dà xiáng fèng hú tóng 、hù guó sì jiē 、guǎi bàng hú tóng 、tōng huì hé yù hé yí zhǐ 、at and of the trip. ( We will only walk part of them,  maybe the distance is 10 kilometers.)

How to go:

You can take a subway of line 2, get off at the Jishuitan station, come out of the D exit. If you’re a foreign friend or a foreign student and don’t know how to come here, please call us.

What do you need:

1)  You can wear clothes that make you beautiful, comfortable and happy.
2)  A pair of comfortable and light shoes, don’t wear high-shoes or slippers.
3)  A camera, a cellphone and a power bank, you can take pictures of them.

Special hint: There are many bus stops on the way, if you feel tired, you can back home by the bus. we only look for happiness on the way.

Activity rules:

1)  You can add Siyu’s Wechat ID: ivan-pf, and then tell her your name, your job, your phone number, your E-mail address and this topic.

2)  You can send your name, job, phone number, Wechat-ID, aim, the activity’s topic and time to us by E-mail for booking one. E-mail ID:
3)  You can also sign up in the following form. If you didn’t book it, we don’t welcome you join us.

Requirements: After the event you need to submit your feeling about this activity, don’t need very long, one or two sentences are ok, the style is not limited, both Chinese and English can. Please makeing a footnote: time, place, theme, author, etc, send them to
The views on the way: 
Who is Guoshoujing? He is a famous astronomer and hydrologist.
The beautiful west sea looks like southern China.
There are many kinds of dolls in the stores of Yandaixiejie, they are so cute. when you see them, do they remind you of your childhood?
Fuxue is a particular school in old China, there are two interesting pairs of scrolls containing a poetic couplet on the door and pillars.
【City Walk】
Travel is not always from the place where you are bored to the place where others are tired, there are should many kinds of traveling in your life. When you look over your living place with traveler’s curiosity and enthusiasm, you’ll find a lot of new fun. The best way is listening to another people’s stories with friends of similar purpose and interests while hanging out in your city, you can find more feeling of freshness for your life.


What is happiness’s secret? Don't expect too much!

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