Discuss the wonderful moments of salon activities in Sino-Western cultural differences

Every meeting is after being apart a long time! There is still a group of friends who are interested in English to join us. Thank you for your support as in the past, so that every event is full of colorful memories. The activity was very successful. Hope you guys who bring happiness to us also can harvest a lot from this activity of Rainstone Community. we also look forward to meeting you and more friends at the next activity.

Before signing up this activity, there is a dialogue between us and friends who are interested in the activity.

A: I have known the topic of this activity is culture difference between Chinese and western. I think some foreigners will join us and afraid our English is not so standard that others can’t understand us completely.

B: Thanks for your question. We have different levels of speaking English. Someone speak English very good, someone struggles to speak English with others. By the way, foreigners can learn about Chinese culture better! So let’s don’t be shy, just try! Believe you can do it!

A: what parts do we have for this activity? I want to make some psychological preparation.

B:There are including introducing ourselves, introducing the culture difference between the Chinese and western、free question and discussing parts. Please don’t give too much pressure, just take the foreigners as your friend and talk to them.

The topic of this event involves different aspects of diets、social etiquette、friendship、marriage、customs and so on.

By the guidance of the host, Chinese and foreign friends expressed their views respectively, so that we have a new understanding!

The following pictures are the wonderful moment of activity. Let’s look at them!

Details of activities:

Event video:


What is happiness’s secret? Don't expect too much!

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