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Topic: China Delicacies

Brief Introduction:

As we know, Chinese delicious food is famous in the world, especially some traditional delicacies. Just like chafing dish, Roast duck (Peking duck), Goubuli’s stuffed-buns, shashlik, BBQ, crayfish, etc. And China has a lot of cooking styles, the most famous is 4 major styles of cooking-Guangdong, Shandong, Sichuan and Huaiyang.

At the same time, some people in several places- especially in developed areas-like to eat rare animals. Because some rare animal species approach extinction, some China conservation groups are trying and working to change the region’s traditional appetite for exotic fauna.But Man’s greed is boundless, so what shall we do? Can we human being control this situation?Besides, a reality is that good food always cause some illnesses because of sanitation issue.So that’s a problem whether we could do the right thing facing the delicious food.

Activity time: December 17th (Sunday) 2: 30-4: 30 p.m.

Activity location: Qianmen street of Beijing city

Activities cost: You can order a cup of tea. ( The best cheap cost I know is 28 RMB )

Number of active persons: Within 10 persons

Special reminder:

All the participants were adults. Although there is a real name registration system audit, there are still other possible motives for promoting activities, business promotion or special abnormal friends making purposes. You are welcome to report to the general manager Wechat ID: love-yushi.

Activity Registration:

In order to ensure the normal operation of activities, and to stop any business organizations from making trouble, everyone will sign up in the form of mail and real name. After the registration is successful, we are going to tell you active address by the mail, please pay attention to the mailbox. If you didn’t book it, we don’t welcome you join us.


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